# What’s It Like to be a MCFLAC Member?
#### MCFLAC Membership Details

The Media, Communication and Film Liberal Arts Consortium is a national organization made up of over a dozen of the leading liberal arts colleges in the United States. The organization, as a consortium, serves its institutional members by sustaining a community of knowledge-sharing and a set of resources for its members’ media, communication, and film studies programs.

MCFLAC fosters dialogue, resource-sharing, and collaboration among educators who teach media, communication, and film studies in the liberal arts context. Our activities include:

* An annual symposium
* Compilation of a department/program directory through an annual member survey, with a focus on curriculum
* Sharing of assignments, calls, and resources on our listserv community
* Guidelines and best practices for department/program reviews, the evaluation of digital scholarship, faculty recruitment and retention, program assessment, equipment management and maintenance, fair use, and related issues
* A directory of vetted senior faculty for department/program reviews
* National representation of the interests of liberal arts colleges on media, communication, and film studies issues

MCFLAC is managed by a [Steering Committee]() drawn from the membership.

Launched from a symposium at Muhlenberg College in 2016, MCFLAC became a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization incorporated in the state of South Carolina in 2017.

## My College is in MCFLAC. Am I in MCFLAC?

Yes. Institutions are formally represented by a Primary Representative. As a member instition, all interested faculty and staff members are considered MCFLAC members, as well.

## Maintaining an Institutional Membership

There are three requirements for maintaining membership in MCFLAC:

* Completion of the annual survey
* Attendance at the annual business meeting held during the symposium
* Payment of [annual dues](/about-mcflac/dues)

More details are outlined in the [MCFLAC Bylaws]().

## The MCFLAC Annual Symposium

The [MCFLAC annual symposium]() is the most prominent MCFLAC activity. Every year, we gather for two days at one of our campuses for a mix of panels, workshops, key-text discussions, lighting sessions, along with informal discussion and exchange. A wide range of participants are encouraged to attend, including undergraduate and graduate students and faculty from non-liberal arts colleges with an interest in the [MCFLAC mission](). The small scale, range of formats, attention to pedagogy and to liberal-arts-specific challenges, and a sense of community make the annual symposium a unique and rewarding gathering.

## The MCFLAC Email List

MFLAC hosts an [email list]() for its members to share assignments and teaching strategies, ask questions, and share resources.