2018 Call for Participation

Third Annual Symposium on Media, Communication, and Film Studies Programs at Liberal Arts Colleges (MCFLAC)

June 18 & 19, 2018

Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, IL

Note: submissions are no longer being accepted. The CFP is here for information purposes.

The Media, Communication, and Film Studies at Liberal Arts Colleges (MCFLAC) Consortium is dedicated to providing a space for faculty engaged in the scholarly and pedagogical praxis of media, communication, and film studies in the liberal arts context.

We invite proposals of 250–500 words for papers, panels, workshops, student-work showcases, and exhibits for a two-day symposium, to be held at Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, IL, outside Chicago.

As a provocation for presenters and attendees, this year’s theme is “Continuities.” Participants are invited to reflect on how the liberal arts college derives value from longstanding practices in education and scholarship. Though media, communication, and film programs are often relative newcomers to the liberal arts college, we all still claim a connection to the same traditions as other programs and disciplines. This “Continuities” theme invites symposium participants to reflect on what our own practices indicate about our connection to the those traditions.

Proposals that connect to the theme of “Continuities” might concern:

  • Consistency between the classic liberal arts approach and pedagogy/scholarship in media, communication, and film
  • The past as a resource for innovation in pedagogy/scholarship
  • Similarities between the predicaments of media, communication, and film programs and those in other fields
  • Familiar patterns from the history of media, communication, and film programs at liberal arts colleges
  • Resistance to novel and/or market-oriented practices
  • Innovative pedagogical approaches to specific topics, theories, or concepts with media, communication, and film studies

While we invite proposals that engage with the “Continuities” theme, we welcome submissions on all topics reflecting MCFLAC’s unique emphasis on praxis in liberal arts settings. We seek to bring together a diverse group of teachers, scholars, and students from different backgrounds with various life experiences, teaching styles, and intellectual orientations.

Presentation formats include:

  • individual paper abstracts
  • panel session abstracts (identifying three to four participants)
  • student-work showcases (featuring scholarship, media work, and/or hybrids in digital or other formats)
  • pedagogy workshops (on core assignments, capstone courses, and/or pedagogical techniques)
  • research workshops (on projects, strategies, publishing models, and/or research/exhibit and tools)
  • additional formats considered (such as key-text discussions and lightning sessions)

Proposals should be 250 to 500 words. Please include a brief bio and note any technology requirements with your proposal.

Include your bio, proposal, and tech needs in one PDF document and attach to an email addressed to Dave Park at: park@lakeforest.edu

Deadline for submissions: March 1, 2018

Questions? Contact Dave Park, at park@lakeforest.edu

For more information: mcflac.com