## Call for Participation

### Fourth Annual Symposium on Media, Communication, and Film Studies Programs at Liberal Arts Colleges


*New deadline, and updated call, will be circulated in fall 2020*

*Note:* An updated CFP will be issued and circulated in fall 2020.

The Media, Communication, and Film Studies at Liberal Arts Colleges (MCFLAC) Consortium is dedicated to providing a space for faculty engaged in the scholarly and pedagogical praxis of media, communication, and film studies in the liberal arts context.

We invite proposals of 250-500 words for papers, panels, workshops, student-work showcases, and exhibits for a two-day symposium to be held at North Central College in Naperville, IL. We encourage those interested in participating in this year’s symposium to develop proposals that connect to any one of these broad themes related to MCFLAC’s mission:

* teaching media, communication, and film in the 21st century college
* radicalizing pedagogy
* the parts that media, communication, and film can play in the liberal arts
* historical perspectives on media, communication, and film in academe
* the role of student media (newspapers, radio stations, video outlets) and communication-related co-curricular activities (forensics, debate, mock trial, student-run PR agencies) at liberal arts colleges
* the challenges and rewards of incorporating media, film, and communication into the general educational curriculum
* changes and continuities in higher education
* structural determinants facing academic labor, as well as hiring and mentoring practices in the context of rising contingent labor across academe

As a provocation for attendees, and to create constructive points of connection across the symposium, this year’s theme is “Community Through Crisis.” This theme leads us to acknowledge the external shocks that affect our work while foregrounding the community-building replies we might mobilize. We encourage submissions that consider the various recent (and more longstanding) crises facing higher education, the nation, and the world at large, especially to reflect on how we can best respond to these crises through community. Submissions are NOT required to adhere to this theme, but those that do will be considered for designated programming slots.

Proposals that connect to the theme of “Community Through Crisis” might concern:

* the enrollment crisis in higher education in general, and small liberal arts colleges in particular and how we can face it together
* institutional drift toward vocational education programs and how it can be resisted or integrated into our own goals
* the potential for cross-institutional, cross-departmental, and consortial responses to shared problems
* the special roles played by media, communication, and film programs in the crises facing academe
* best hiring and mentoring practices in the context of media, communication, and film programs
* liaising with administrators in higher education in a context of crisis

While we invite proposals that engage with the “Community Through Crisis” theme, we welcome submissions on all topics reflecting MCFLAC’s unique emphasis on praxis in liberal arts settings. We seek to bring together a diverse group of teachers, scholars, and students from different backgrounds with various life experiences, teaching styles, and intellectual orientations.

Formats for presentations include:

* individual paper abstracts
* panel session abstracts (identifying three to four participants)
* student-work showcases (featuring scholarship, media work, and/or hybrids in digital or other formats)
* pedagogy workshops (on core assignments, capstone courses, and/or pedagogical techniques)
* research workshops (on projects, strategies, publishing models, and/or research/exhibit and tools)
* additional formats considered (such as key-text discussions and lightning sessions)

Proposals should be 250 to 500 words. Proposals should be accompanied by a 50-word abstract, a brief bio (up to 50 words), and a note of any technology requirements.

**Deadline for submissions:** To be announced

**Questions?** Contact [Dave Park](mailto:[email protected])